DAAP Summer 2016 / Graphic Communication Design II

the prompt

Choose a body of text about 1,000 words long to analyze for the entire semester. Create visual compositions using a variety of methods and materials– collaging, illustration, found objects, etc.– to represent what the text means to you. Combine methods of image making and finally, from these compositions create a currency that also represents the text. The currency can exist in the real world, or in an alternate reality.


In this reality, currency is exchanged from men to women, and between women and their inner selves. The currency exchanged from men to women is superficial and based on attributes that are not representative of character. The superficial currency makes women feel uplifted initially, but the elation fades away and the currency decomposes over time. The other side of the currency reflects a healthy sense of self-love that women can exchange with themselves. It is not false approval, but enduring love and respect.